Belgrade Marathon

Marathon is the hardest sport discipline, it is equally challenging for contestants as much as temptation, that is the moment in which, in an absolutely authentic way, they become acquainted with themselves and the strength of their character ... That is why the participants and winners of the marathon are heroes of the sport whose names are from fame celebrates and  pronounced with respect..

In our big world family of towns, whose streets are running this oldest Olympic discipline is our Belgrade. In the spring of 2018, the general joy and pride of the citizens of Belgrade will be held the 31st marathon in the streets of the Serbian capital, which, through this event, with great organization and excellent hospitality, place itself in one of the most attractive sports capitals on the map of the world.

Welcome to the Serbian sports megapolis ... Every April in Belgrade is an unrepeatable marathon race on the track framed by the love of many sports public a golden seal on top organization and experience for all time.