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City Break Belgrade

Belgrade is a city that is changing and developing at an accelerated pace. A city that welcomes everybody. A city that leaves nobody indifferent.

Belgrade - the city of culture, Belgrade – full of inspiration, the city of sports and leisure, city of festivals and music, Belgrade – Europe’s best nightlife and entertainment... an inexhaustible source of energy. Belgrade’s glamour at the crossroads of the European revival celebrates a diverse mix of culture, architecture, the natural combination of oriental passion and European refinement. Belgrade is very much alive and full of positive people, energy, love, joy, smiles, sights and sounds.

Belgrade is a city that makes everyone come back with a reason! Step into the attractions of Belgrade. Choose one of our sightseeing tours. Take a ride on a bike and stop for a refreshment.

Feel the energy of the youth and take part in one of the numerous events. Relax and dine in a restaurant on the river or in some of the lively Belgrade streets. Check out our clubbing scene. Have a taste of organic produce in the green markets of Belgrade.

Discover great city break destination!
Meet new friends!
Try new tastes and feel new scents!

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Interesting Facts about Belgrade:

The Belgrade Guide Book by Miloš Crnjanski

In 1936 the famous Serbian writer Miloš Crnjanski published a Belgrade guide book in French. The original title was “Belgrade par Miloš Crnjanski” and it was published by the Bureau central de presse in Belgrade. Interestingly, it was not until 1999 that this book was translated into Serbian and published by ‘Narodna Knjiga’.

Water polo in Belgrade

Although the first water polo game was played in London as early as 1869, it was introduced to our country by young people studying in Hungary, Austria and Germany, where water polo was already popular. In 1907, the Sombor Sports Centre was the first to introduce water polo in its programme of sports activities. However, the first water polo tournament was not played in Belgrade until 1924, in a swimming pool made by blocking the Topčider River in Topčider Park. Although it wasn’t founded until 1946, the Partizan Water Polo Club has won many world trophies: 23 national championships, 6 European championships, 1 European Super Cup, 1 European Cup Winner’s Cup, 1 Mediterranean championship and 1 LEN Cup.


The ‘Tašmajdan’ Sports Centre was built in an old quarry in the very heart of Belgrade (its stadium was opened on the 24th of January 1954, the outdoor swimming pool on the 25th of June 1961 and the indoor swimming pool on the 13th of December 1968). It is famous as the venue of the first world swimming, synchronized swimming and diving championship, the first World Water Polo Championship, or FINA Water Polo World Cup (1973), and the first Water Polo Championship for women (1957).

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