What to expect

While many foreigners arrive to Belgrade lured by the prospects of trying world-renown Serbian food, Belgrade’s residents are keen to explore both their own and foreign gourmet legacies. This combination makes restaurants in Belgrade a perfect mix of Serbian national restaurants, international cuisine from around the world and places that cherish fusion trends.

Be it traditional kafana with the ubiquitous grilled meat specialties and live music, splavovi – restaurants on barges, a fine Italian or French restaurant, or an eatery catering for vegetarians and vegans, dining in Belgrade is an experience as varied as the city itself.

One thing you can count on for sure, food in Serbia is mmmm… delicious! Actually, every cuisine in Serbia tastes better, reason might be because we are still organic food country.

Serbian traditional cuisine

Generally, Serbian traditional food involves a lot of grilled meat, beans and many cabbage-based meals. Even beans (pasulj in Serbian) or cabbage are most often prepared with meat – so if you are vegetarian, don’t try too hard with the Serbian restaurants and go for international cuisine. If you do eat meat Serbian cuisine is very tasty and it is a great preparation for a night of partying or drinking with your friends. As with most good things, it’s not so great for losing weight.

The Serbian cuisine (and not only cuisine) was formed under the influence of all the cultures that lived in Belgrade throughout history and Belgrade restaurants will give you flavors of Mediterranean, Oriental, and central European (particularly Hungarian) dishes. Food is no exception to the general rule in the Balkans: we all do it the same way, and we all love to argue over who had it first: šljivovica, pljeskavica, ćevapčići, ajvar, sarma, baklava… you name it, we’ll fight over it.