Belgrade has always been a meeting place. Pannonian Plain and the Balkan foothills, the Sava and the Danube meet here, Oriental and Western cultures come face to face, and it is on the place where old traditions now live in the acceleratedepace of modern metropolis. Therefore, the Belgraders welcome guests as theircity is constantly waiting for a encounter. Depending on whether you are sporty or behemian typé, solo traveler or on a field trip, an early riser or a night owl, these encounters will happenon the rivers and in the mountains, in a pub or in the woods, on a raft, in a museum or some of the many Belgrade attractions.

Kalemegdan - Kalemegdan is Belgrade's largest park within which Kalemegdan fortress is located. If you don't visit Kalemegdan, you cannot say you have visited Belgrade. In this park you will find the Roman well, the most mysterious place of Belgrade that Hitchock himself was scared of, and the Victor monument, the most photographed monument in Belgrade. At Kalemegdan you can take a walk, see an exhibition, have a cup of coffee or play a game of chess with some of the amateur chess players... And back home, when you think about Belgrade, you'll remember Kalemegdan.

The Victor Monument - The victor monument is the most photographed monument in the city and one of Belgrade's symbols. This naked young man should have stood on Terazije square, but he was so scandalously undressed for Belgrade maidens that he was moved away from the center and additionally erected on a five meter tall pillar, making anyone who wanted to look at his nakedness try extra hard.

Military Museum - Those who have not had their photo taken on the tank or a kissed hidden behind the cannon, know nothing about the Military Museum. However, the Military Museum is much more than that. Excellent location on Belgrade fortress combined with great exhibitions make this museum one of the must-see attractions of Belgrade.

Princess Ljubica's Residence - The way people lived during 19th century can best be seen at Princess Ljubica's residence. The cozy interior of this distinctive building of mixed oriental and western style takes you back in the times when the oriental life of Serbia was starting to be infuenced by life in Vienna.

Kosancicev venac - Kosancicev venac is one of the oldest city centres. The Orthodox Cathedral, the Patriarchate, Princess Ljubica's Residence, restaurant "Question mark", the location of the National Library destroyed in the German bombing of 1941 are all at Kosancicev venac. The most beautiful views of the Sava River and New Belgrade are from this place, the same views that Arsenije Njegovan enjoyed for years not daring to leave the house. Just like the hero of the novel, this area remained trapped in time giving it a special charm.

Savamala - Once the industrial area, Savamala has become the centre of urban culture. It is here that on an "ordinary Friday" a 2 am queue in front of a club can be seen. Exhibitions, plays, workshops, gigs, parties, everything you can imagine, takes place here. There is music for all tastes: dubstep, dram, rock, pop, hip-hop...

Jevremovac - Once you enter botanic garden Jevremovac, 2000 plant species on 5 acres of land change the microclimate and make the city seem distant. Tropical and subtropical plants are kept in a large greenhouse, while the Japanese garden is ideal for relaxation and meditation.

Knez Mihailova street - The main pedestrian area, connecting Republic square and Kalemegdan, is filled with café bars, shops, restaurants, galleries and at any time of day or night, it is filled with people. The atmosphere is perfected with street artists and sellers as well as students of the faculties located around Knez Mihailova Stret, giving this street the diversity and the feel of a world metropolis.

Nikola Tesla Museum - A small museum in the heart of Belgrade protects the urn of the scientist whose work had announced the let century. In addition to the urn, the museum preserves Tesla's legacy, including more than 1,000 plans and drawings. Alongside of the exhibition of Tesla's life and his most important inventions, it is possible to attend the carrying out of the experiments.

Skadarlija - This Belgrade's bohemian quarter is best known for its numerous restaurants with starogradska (urban traditional folk) music and its paved street that gives this street the old feel. Skadarlija was and still gladly visited by many artists. It is the place with best-preserved spirit of old Belgrade, of the time when the of oriental town was starting to transform into an European metropolis.