Nis- south Serbia

Niš is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans.The most important cultural and historical attractions in Niš are the Mediana - a large 4th-century Roman estate; Niš Fortress - the best-preserved Turkish fortress in the central Balkans, built in 1723 and containing the remains of Roman Naissus in its foundations; the Skull Tower (Ćele Kula); Čegar, where a monument stands on the site of the battle between Stevan Sinđelić and the Turks; the Monument to the Liberators of Niš - erected in 1937 in memory of the fight for the liberation of Niš; the Red Cross Camp - a Nazi concentration camp; and Bubanj Memorial Park - one of the largest Second World War execution sites in Serbia.

Duration: Half day

Minimum pax: 10