Kragujevac- Center of Serbia

Kragujevac is the centre of Šumadija and Pomoravlje. The city was first mentioned in 1476 as a small settlement with 32 houses. Kragujevac was built on the banks of the Lepenica river, on the slopes of the Rudnik, Crni Vrh and Gledić mountains. The many waterways played a significant role in the decision to found the settlement here. The Lepenica river flows through the town centre where there are also a number of its tributaries. Roads connecting Gruža, Lepenica and Rudnik with the Pomoravlje region used to run through the valleys of the tributaries of the Lepenica river. “Kragujevački oktobar” Memorial Park is one of the largest Second World War execution sites in Serbia.

Duration: Half day

Minimum pax: 10